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       ggGetUserDir - Get user home directory


       #include <ggi/gg.h>

       const char * ggGetUserDir(void);


       ggGetUserDir returns a path to the home directory of the user executing
       an application, whatever it may be on a given system.  For example,  on
       unix  systems it will be the contents of the HOME environment variable.
       If no user home exists, a suitable temporary directory is found.

       ggGetUserDir is threadsafe, but is not guaranteed to be safe to use  in
       a  thread  that  may be cancelled during its execution.  It is also not
       guaranteed to be safe to use in special contexts  such  as  LibGG  task
       handlers, signal handlers and asyncronous procedure calls.


       ggGetUserDir  returns a NULL-terminated string holding the path the the
       current user home directory.  This string may be a reference to  memory
       belonging to OS facilities, and *must not* be freed or altered.