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       foreignfilesupport - Foreign File Format Support This is a page
       describing foreign file format support in Coin.

       Formats supported so far:

       ยท STL / Stereolithography files (.stl)

       The SoSTLFileKit server as a first example on how foreign file format
       support can be implemented through the SoForeignFileKit interface
       nodekit. For STL, the file format is so trivial that it maps directly
       into a few Open Inventor nodes. For other file formats, the direct
       mapping might not be possible or desirable (maybe important information
       will get lost in such a conversion), and the implementor might choose
       to implement a set of internal custom nodes for doing the rendering
       (and applying the other actions), and choose to first do pure Open
       Inventor organization when the node kit is asked to write its contents
       as a scene graph.

       See also:
           SoForeignFileKit, SoSTLFileKit