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       Error Handling Classes -

       class SoDebugError
           The SoDebugError class is the internal debugging message passing

       This class basically serves two purposes: "
   class SoError
       The SoError class is the base class for all the error handling classes.

       The default error handler just prints messages on the standard error
       output channel, but this can be overridden by client applications. "
   class SoMemoryError
       The SoMemoryError class is used to inform of problems with memory

       Modern operating systems takes care of handling most out of memory
       conditions for you, but in certain situations it can be wise to do some
       manual checking and intervention. This class is provided as an aid to
       help out in these situations. "
   class SoReadError
       The SoReadError class is used during model import operations.

       During model file import, this class will be used to output any error
       or warning messages. "

Detailed Description

       The error classes are static classes that contain a callback pointer
       for handling errors of the given type. Coin has default handlers for
       displaying all the types, but these can be overridden by applications
       by setting other callbacks.


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