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       Engine Classes -

       class SoBoolOperation
           The SoBoolOperation engine evaluates expressions of boolean logic.

       The multivalue fields SoBoolOperation::a and SoBoolOperation::b are
       combined according to the operations set in SoBoolOperation::operation,
       with the resulting TRUE or FALSE value set on SoBoolOperation::output.
   class SoCalculator
       General purpose calculator for floats and 3D float vectors.

       The SoCalculator uses the values from the input fields (which are
       either single floating point values or vectors) as variables in the
       free-form engine expressions and places the results on the output
       fields. "
   class SoComposeMatrix
       The SoComposeMatrix class is used to compose a matrix from
       miscellaneous transformations.
   class SoComposeRotation
       The SoComposeRotation class is used to compose rotations from angle and

       Simple usage example: "
   class SoComposeRotationFromTo
       The SoComposeRotationFromTo class is used to compose rotations based on
       from and to vectors.
   class SoComposeVec2f
       The SoComposeVec2f class is used to compose 2D vectors from two floats.
   class SoComposeVec3f
       The SoComposeVec3f class is used to compose 3D vectors from floats.
   class SoComposeVec4f
       The SoComposeVec4f class is used to compose 4D vectors from four
   class SoComputeBoundingBox
       The SoComputeBoundingBox class is used to calculate a bounding box.

       This engine is simply a wrapper around the SoGetBoundingBoxAction, for
       a convenient way of having automatic updating of some data in the scene
       graph which is dependent on the bounding box of some other part of the
       scene. "
   class SoConcatenate
       The SoConcatenate class is used to concatenate several inputs into one

       Takes all the values from the 10 input multivalue fields in turn and
       concatenates them into the multivalue output. "
   class SoCounter
       The SoCounter class is an integer counter engine.

       The engine counts from its min value to its max value, adding the value
       of step each time trigger is touched. "
   class SoDecomposeMatrix
       The SoDecomposeMatrix class is used to decompose a matrix into simple
   class SoDecomposeRotation
       The SoDecomposeRotation class is used to decompose a rotation into
       angle and axis.
   class SoDecomposeVec2f
       The SoDecomposeVec2f class is used to decompose 2D vectors into two
   class SoDecomposeVec3f
       The SoDecomposeVec3f class is used to decompose 3D vectors into three
   class SoDecomposeVec4f
       The SoDecomposeVec4f class is used to decompose 4D vectors into four
   class SoElapsedTime
       The SoElapsedTime class is a controllable time source engine.

       The additional functionality provided by this engine versus just
       connecting to the realTime global field is the ability to control the
       speed of the time source plus logic to reset, stop and restart it. "
   class SoEngine
       SoEngine is the base class for Coin engines.

       Engines enables the application programmers to make complex connections
       between fields. "
   class SoEngineOutput
       The SoEngineOutput class is the output slots in SoEngine instances.

       SoEngineOutput has methods for convenient handling of the connections
       made from SoEngine objects to SoField objects. "
   class SoFieldConverter
       The SoFieldConverter class is the abstract base class for field

       When fields of different types are attempted connected, the Coin
       library tries to find a field converter class which can be inserted
       between them, acting as a filter converting values from the master
       field to values matching the type of the slave field. "
   class SoGate
       The SoGate class is used to selectively copy values from input to

       This engine will forward values from the SoGate::input field to the
       SoGate::output field when the SoGate::enable field is TRUE. "
   class SoHeightMapToNormalMap
       Engine for computing a normal map from a height map.
   class SoInterpolate
       The SoInterpolate class is the base class for all interpolator engines.

       Interpolators are used to linearly interpolate between two values. "
   class SoInterpolateFloat
       The SoInterpolateFloat class is used to interpolate two floating point
   class SoInterpolateRotation
       The SoInterpolateRotation class is used to interpolate between two
   class SoInterpolateVec2f
       The SoInterpolateVec2f class is used to interpolate between pairs of 2D
   class SoInterpolateVec3f
       The SoInterpolateVec3f class is used to interpolate between pairs of 3D
   class SoInterpolateVec4f
       The SoInterpolateVec4f class is used to interpolate between pairs of 4D
   class SoNodeEngine
       SoNodeEngine is the base class for Coin node engines.

       Node engines have the same functionality as normal engines, except that
       they inherit SoNode, which makes it possible to insert node engines in
       the scene graph. "
   class SoOnOff
       The SoOnOff engine is a simple on/off switch.
   class SoOneShot
       The SoOneShot class is a timer that runs for a configurable time and
       then stops.
   class SoEngineOutputData
       The SoEngineOutputData class is a container for a prototype set of

       This class is instantiated once for each class of objects which use
       outputs, and which needs to be able to import and export them. "
   class SoSelectOne
       The SoSelectOne class is used to select one value from a set of values.

       The output field will be the index’th value of the input multivalue
       field. "
   class SoTexture2Convert
       Abstract base class for texture filtering engines.
   class SoTimeCounter
       The SoTimeCounter class is an integer counter engine.

       The SoTimeCounter engine is by default connected to the realTime global
       field, and does stepwise updates on the SoTimeCounter::output field
       according to the field settings. "
   class SoTransformVec3f
       The SoTransformVec3f class transforms 3D vectors by a matrix.
   class SoTriggerAny
       The SoTriggerAny class is a fan-in engine for triggers.

       When any one of the input triggers are ’pulsed’, any field connected as
       a slave to the engine output will be notified. "
   class SoEngineList
       The SoEngineList class is a container for SoEngine objects.

       As this class inherits SoBaseList, referencing and dereferencing will
       default be done on the objects at append(), remove(), insert() etc. "
   class SoEngineOutputList
       The SoEngineOutputList class is a container for SoEngineOutput objects.

Detailed Description

       Engines are scene based objects that convert between field values of
       various types or performs computations on them. The most versatile
       engine is the SoCalculator engine, which you can write your own
       mathematical expressions to to get it to do almost anything. The other
       engines are more custom-tailored for specific purposes.


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