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       dvilib - a device independent DVI virtual machine library


       #include "libdvi29.h"
       DVI DVI_INIT(char *vflibcap, char *vflib_params);
       DVI DVI_CREATE(DVI_DEVICE dev, char *file, DVI_PROPERTY prop);
       DVI_DRAW_PAGE(DVI dvi, DVI_DEVICE dev, int page_num, double shrink);
       DVI_DISPOSE(DVI dvi, DVI_DEVICE dev);


       dvilib  is  a device independent DVI virtual machine for TeX DVI files.
       For given DVI file name and device information, which contains a set of
       call  back  functions,  it  creates  a  DVI object.  A set of call back
       functions includes a function to draw images  on  application  specific
       device  such  as  window or printer.  When a DVI object is requested to
       draw a page, it interprets DVI instructions in a specified page.  A DVI
       object  obtains  an  image of a character via VFlib, and invokes a call
       back function to draw a character.

       Currently, there is no technical manual. Sorry.




       Copyright ©  2007 Hirotsugu Kakugawa