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       comedi_to_physical - convert sample to physical units


       #include <comedilib.h>

       double  comedi_to_physical  (lsampl_t  data,  const comedi_polynomial_t


       Converts data  given  in  Comedi’s  integer  sample  values  (lsampl_t,
       between   0   and   maxdata)   into   physical   units  (double).   The
       conversion_polynomial    parameter    is    obtained    from     either
       comedi_get_hardcal_converter()  or  comedi_get_softcal_converter().  No
       range checking of the input data is performed.  It  is  up  to  you  to
       check  for  data  values of 0 or maxdata if you want to detect possibly
       out-of-range readings.

       This  function  is  intended  to  supplant  comedi_to_phys(),  and  was
       introduced in order to support software calibrations.


       Physical value corresponding to the input sample value.

                                28 October 2007