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       af_transaction,  af_commit,  af_abort  - a simple transaction mechanism
       for AtFS


       #include <atfs.h>

       int af_transaction (void)

       int af_commit (void)

       int af_abort (void)


       These functions implement a simple transaction mechanism for  AtFS.   A
       transaction starts with calling af_transaction. All changes to existing
       ASOs performed hereafter have  no  immediate  permanent  effect.   They
       rather  get  into  effect,  when  the  transaction  is  ended.  Calling
       af_commit ends the transactions and causes all changes to be  saved  to
       disk. af_abort aborts the transaction without saving the changes. These
       will then be discarded.

       Only modification  of  the  state  of  existing  source  ASOs  will  be
       deferred.   Creation   or  deletion  of  ASOs  have  immediate  effect,
       regardless if a transaction is in  effect  or  not.  Additionally,  all
       operations on derived ASOs (all operations on the derived object cache)
       are not affected by the transaction.

       All archive files that are  to  be  changed  when  the  transaction  is
       finished  are  locked  until  the  end  of  the  transaction.  The lock
       prevents all other applications to perform  any  modifications  on  the
       archive  file.  You  should make sure, that ending a transaction should
       never be dependent on the successful termination of another application
       (deadlock danger).


       Upon  error,  -1  is  returned and af_errno is set to the corresponding
       error number.


       Changes to the contents of busy versions have immediate effect.