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       PropertyWidget -


       #include <PropertyWidget.h>

       Inherits tlp::TulipTableWidget.

   Public Slots
       void setGraph (tlp::Graph *)
       void changeProperty (tlp::Graph *, const std::string &name)
       void selectNodeOrEdge (bool)
       void changePropertyValue (int, int)
       void changePropertyNodeValue (int, int)
       void changePropertyEdgeValue (int, int)
       void filterSelection (bool)
       void scroll (int)
       void update ()
       void updateNodes ()
       void updateEdges ()
       void updateNbElements ()
       void setAllEdgeValue ()
       void setAllNodeValue ()
       void setAll ()

       void tulipNodePropertyChanged (tlp::Graph *, const tlp::node &, const
           QString &property, const QString &value)
       void tulipEdgePropertyChanged (tlp::Graph *, const tlp::edge &, const
           QString &property, const QString &value)
       void showElementProperties (unsigned int eltId, bool isNode)

   Public Member Functions
       PropertyWidget (QWidget *, const char *=0)
       ~PropertyWidget ()
       tlp::Graph * getGraph () const

   Protected Member Functions
       virtual void connectNotify (const char *signal)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

   PropertyWidget::PropertyWidget (QWidget *, const char * = 0)
   PropertyWidget::~PropertyWidget ()

Member Function Documentation

   void PropertyWidget::changeProperty (tlp::Graph *, const std::string &
       name) [slot]
   void PropertyWidget::changePropertyEdgeValue (int, int) [slot]
   void PropertyWidget::changePropertyNodeValue (int, int) [slot]
   void PropertyWidget::changePropertyValue (int, int) [slot]
   virtual void PropertyWidget::connectNotify (const char * signal)
       [protected, virtual]
   void PropertyWidget::filterSelection (bool) [slot]
   tlp::Graph* PropertyWidget::getGraph () const
   void PropertyWidget::scroll (int) [slot]
   void PropertyWidget::selectNodeOrEdge (bool) [slot]
   void PropertyWidget::setAll () [slot]
   void PropertyWidget::setAllEdgeValue () [slot]
   void PropertyWidget::setAllNodeValue () [slot]
   void PropertyWidget::setGraph (tlp::Graph *) [slot]
   void PropertyWidget::showElementProperties (unsigned int eltId, bool
       isNode) [signal]
   void PropertyWidget::tulipEdgePropertyChanged (tlp::Graph *, const
       tlp::edge &, const QString & property, const QString & value) [signal]
   void PropertyWidget::tulipNodePropertyChanged (tlp::Graph *, const
       tlp::node &, const QString & property, const QString & value) [signal]
   void PropertyWidget::update () [slot]
   void PropertyWidget::updateEdges () [slot]
   void PropertyWidget::updateNbElements () [slot]
   void PropertyWidget::updateNodes () [slot]


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