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       Prima::Widgets - miscellaneous widget classes


       The module was designed to serve as a collection of small widget
       classes that do not group well with the other, more purposeful classes.
       The current implementation contains the only class, "Prima::Panel".


       Provides a simple panel widget, capable of displaying a single line of
       centered text on a custom background. Probably this functionality is
       better to be merged into "Prima::Label"’s.

       borderWidth INTEGER
           Width of 3d-shade border around the widget.

           Default value: 1

       image OBJECT
           Selects image to be drawn as a tiled background.  If "undef", the
           background is drawn with the background color.

       imageFile PATH
           Set the image FILE to be loaded and displayed. Is rarely used since
           does not return a loading success flag.

       raise BOOLEAN
           Style of 3d-shade border around the widget.  If 1, the widget is
           ’risen’; if 0 it is ’sunken’.

           Default value: 1

       zoom INTEGER
           Selects zoom level for image display.  The acceptable value range
           is between 1 and 10.

           Default value: 1


       Dmitry Karasik, <>.