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       Prima::DetailedList - a multi-column list viewer with controlling
       header widget.


       use Prima::DetailedList;

               my $l = $w-> insert( 'Prima::DetailedList',
                       columns => 2,
                       headers => [ 'Column 1', 'Column 2' ],
                       items => [
                               ['Row 1, Col 1', 'Row 1, Col 2'],
                               ['Row 2, Col 1', 'Row 2, Col 2']
               $l-> sort(1);


       Prima::DetailedList is a descendant of Prima::ListViewer, and as such
       provides a certain level of abstraction. It overloads format of items
       in order to support multi-column ( 2D ) cell span. It also inserts
       Prima::Header widget on top of the list, so the user can interactively
       move, resize and sort the content of the list. The sorting mechanism is
       realized inside the package; it is activated by the mouse click on a
       header tab.

       Since the class inherits Prima::ListViewer, some functionality, like
       ’item search by key’, or "get_item_text" method can not operate on 2D
       lists. Therefore, mainColumn property is introduced, that selects the
       column representing all the data.


           Called inside sort method, to facilitate custom algorithms of
           sorting.  If the callback procedure is willing to sort by COLUMN
           index, then it must call "clear_event", to signal the event flow
           stop. The DIRECTION is a boolean flag, specifying whether the
           sorting must be performed is ascending ( 1 ) or descending ( 0 )

           The callback procedure must operate on the internal storage of
           "{items}", which is an array of arrays of scalars.

           The default action is the literal sorting algorithm, where
           precedence is arbitrated by "cmp" operator ( see "Equality
           Operators" in perlop ) .

       columns INTEGER
           Governs the number of columns in items. If set-called, and the new
           number is different from the old number, both items and headers are

           Default value: 0

           Assigns a header class.

           Create-only property.

           Default value: "Prima::Header"

       headerProfile HASH
           Assigns hash of properties, passed to the header widget during the

           Create-only property.

       headerDelegations ARRAY
           Assigns a header widget list of delegated notifications.

           Create-only property.

       headers ARRAY
           Array of strings, passed to the header widget as column titles.

       items ARRAY
           Array of arrays of scalars, of arbitrary kind. The default
           behavior, however, assumes that the scalars are strings.  The data
           direction is from left to right and from top to bottom.

       mainColumn INTEGER
           Selects the column, responsible for representation of all the data.
           As the user clicks the header tab, "mainColumn" is automatically
           changed to the corresponding column.

           Default value: 0

       sort [ COLUMN ]
           Sorts items by the COLUMN index in ascending order. If COLUMN is
           not specified, sorts by the last specified column, or by #0 if it
           is the first "sort" invocation.

           If COLUMN was specified, and the last specified column equals to
           COLUMN, the sort direction is reversed.

           The method does not perform sorting itself, but invokes Sort
           notification, so the sorting algorithms can be overloaded, or be
           applied differently to the columns.


       Dmitry Karasik, <>.


       Prima, Prima::Lists, Prima::Header, examples/