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       Prima::Calendar - standard calendar widget


               use Prima::Calendar;
               my $cal = Prima::Calendar-> create(
                       useLocale => 1,
                       onChange  => sub {
                               print $_[0]-> date_as_string, "\n";
               $cal-> date_from_time( localtime );
               $cal-> month( 5);


       Provides interactive selection of date between 1900 and 2099 years.
       The main property, date, is a three-integer array, day, month, and
       year, in the format of perl localtime ( see "localtime" in perlfunc ) -
       day can be in range from 1 to 31,month from 0 to 11, year from 0 to


           Called when the date property is changed.

       date DAY, MONTH, YEAR
           Accepts three integers in format of "localtime".  DAY can be from 1
           to 31, MONTH from 0 to 11, YEAR from 0 to 199.

           Default value: today’s date.

       day INTEGER
           Selects the day in month.

       firstDayOfWeek INTEGER
           Selects the first day of week, an integer between 0 and 6, where 0
           is Sunday is the first day, 1 is Monday etc.

           Default value: 0

           Selects the month.

       useLocale BOOLEAN
           If 1, the locale-specific names of months and days of week are
           used.  These are read by calling "POSIX::strftime". If invocation
           of POSIX module fails, the property is automatically assigned to 0.

           If 0, the English names of months and days of week are used.

           Default value: 1

           See also: date_as_string

           Selects the year.

           Returns boolean value, whether the locale information can be
           retrieved by calling "strftime".

       month2str MONTH
           Returns MONTH name according to useLocale value.

           Returns array of 12 month names according to useLocale value.

       day_of_week DAY, MONTH, YEAR, [ USE_FIRST_DAY_OF_WEEK = 1 ]
           Returns integer value, from 0 to 6, of the day of week on DAY,
           MONTH, YEAR date. If boolean USE_FIRST_DAY_OF_WEEK is set, the
           value of "firstDayOfWeek" property is taken into the account, so 0
           is a Sunday shifted forward by "firstDayOfWeek" days.

           The switch from Julian to Gregorian calendar is ignored.

       date_as_string [ DAY, MONTH, YEAR ]
           Returns string representation of date on DAY, MONTH, YEAR according
           to useLocale property value.

       date_from_time SEC, MIN, HOUR, M_DAY, MONTH, YEAR, ...
           Copies date from "localtime" or "gmtime" result. This helper method
           allows the following syntax:

                   $calendar-> date_from_time( localtime( time));


       Dmitry Karasik, <>.


       Prima, Prima::Widget, POSIX, "localtime" in perlfunc, "time" in
       perlfunc, examples/