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       MetricColorMapping -


   Public Member Functions
       MetricColorMapping (const PropertyContext &context)
       ~MetricColorMapping ()
       Color getColor (double value, double range)
       void computeEdgeColor ()
       void computeNodeColor ()
       bool run ()
       bool check (string &err)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

   MetricColorMapping::MetricColorMapping (const PropertyContext & context)
   MetricColorMapping::~MetricColorMapping () [inline]

Member Function Documentation

   bool MetricColorMapping::check (string & err) [inline]
   void MetricColorMapping::computeEdgeColor () [inline]
   void MetricColorMapping::computeNodeColor () [inline]
   Color MetricColorMapping::getColor (double value, double range) [inline]
   bool MetricColorMapping::run () [inline]


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