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       MembershipBookkeeping::IncomingRTPPktLink -

       Incoming RTP data packets control structure within the incoming packet
       queue class.


       #include <iqueue.h>

   Public Member Functions
       IncomingRTPPktLink (IncomingRTPPkt *pkt, SyncSourceLink *sLink, struct
           timeval &recv_ts, uint32 shifted_ts, IncomingRTPPktLink *sp,
           IncomingRTPPktLink *sn, IncomingRTPPktLink *p, IncomingRTPPktLink
       ~IncomingRTPPktLink ()
       SyncSourceLink * getSourceLink () const
       void setSourceLink (SyncSourceLink *src)
       IncomingRTPPktLink * getNext () const
       void setNext (IncomingRTPPktLink *nl)
       IncomingRTPPktLink * getPrev () const
       void setPrev (IncomingRTPPktLink *pl)
       IncomingRTPPktLink * getSrcNext () const
       void setSrcNext (IncomingRTPPktLink *sn)
       IncomingRTPPktLink * getSrcPrev () const
       void setSrcPrev (IncomingRTPPktLink *sp)
       IncomingRTPPkt * getPacket () const
       void setPacket (IncomingRTPPkt *pkt)
       void setRecvTime (const timeval &t)
           Set the time this packet was received at.
       timeval getRecvTime () const
           Get the time this packet was received at.
       uint32 getTimestamp () const
           Get timestamp of this packet.
       void setTimestamp (uint32 ts)

   Public Attributes
       IncomingRTPPkt * packet
       SyncSourceLink * sourceLink
       IncomingRTPPktLink * prev
       IncomingRTPPktLink * next
       IncomingRTPPktLink * srcPrev
       IncomingRTPPktLink * srcNext
       struct timeval receptionTime
       uint32 shiftedTimestamp

Detailed Description

       Incoming RTP data packets control structure within the incoming packet
       queue class.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

       (IncomingRTPPkt * pkt, SyncSourceLink * sLink, struct timeval &
       recv_ts, uint32 shifted_ts, IncomingRTPPktLink * sp, IncomingRTPPktLink
       * sn, IncomingRTPPktLink * p, IncomingRTPPktLink * n) [inline]
   MembershipBookkeeping::IncomingRTPPktLink::~IncomingRTPPktLink () [inline]

Member Function Documentation

   IncomingRTPPktLink* MembershipBookkeeping::IncomingRTPPktLink::getNext ()
       const [inline]
   IncomingRTPPkt* MembershipBookkeeping::IncomingRTPPktLink::getPacket ()
       const [inline]
   IncomingRTPPktLink* MembershipBookkeeping::IncomingRTPPktLink::getPrev ()
       const [inline]
   timeval MembershipBookkeeping::IncomingRTPPktLink::getRecvTime () const
       Get the time this packet was received at.

   SyncSourceLink* MembershipBookkeeping::IncomingRTPPktLink::getSourceLink ()
       const [inline]
   IncomingRTPPktLink* MembershipBookkeeping::IncomingRTPPktLink::getSrcNext
       () const [inline]
   IncomingRTPPktLink* MembershipBookkeeping::IncomingRTPPktLink::getSrcPrev
       () const [inline]
   uint32 MembershipBookkeeping::IncomingRTPPktLink::getTimestamp () const
       Get timestamp of this packet. The timestamp of incoming packets is
       filtered so that the timestamp this method provides for the first
       packet received from every source starts from 0.

           32 bit timestamp starting from 0 for each source.

   void MembershipBookkeeping::IncomingRTPPktLink::setNext (IncomingRTPPktLink
       * nl) [inline]
   void MembershipBookkeeping::IncomingRTPPktLink::setPacket (IncomingRTPPkt *
       pkt) [inline]
   void MembershipBookkeeping::IncomingRTPPktLink::setPrev (IncomingRTPPktLink
       * pl) [inline]
   void MembershipBookkeeping::IncomingRTPPktLink::setRecvTime (const timeval
       & t) [inline]
       Set the time this packet was received at. Parameters:
           t time of reception.

           this has almost nothing to do with the 32-bit timestamp contained
           in the packet header.

   void MembershipBookkeeping::IncomingRTPPktLink::setSourceLink
       (SyncSourceLink * src) [inline]
   void MembershipBookkeeping::IncomingRTPPktLink::setSrcNext
       (IncomingRTPPktLink * sn) [inline]
   void MembershipBookkeeping::IncomingRTPPktLink::setSrcPrev
       (IncomingRTPPktLink * sp) [inline]
   void MembershipBookkeeping::IncomingRTPPktLink::setTimestamp (uint32 ts)

Member Data Documentation

   IncomingRTPPktLink * MembershipBookkeeping::IncomingRTPPktLink::next
   IncomingRTPPkt* MembershipBookkeeping::IncomingRTPPktLink::packet
   IncomingRTPPktLink* MembershipBookkeeping::IncomingRTPPktLink::prev
   struct timeval MembershipBookkeeping::IncomingRTPPktLink::receptionTime
   uint32 MembershipBookkeeping::IncomingRTPPktLink::shiftedTimestamp
   SyncSourceLink* MembershipBookkeeping::IncomingRTPPktLink::sourceLink
   IncomingRTPPktLink * MembershipBookkeeping::IncomingRTPPktLink::srcNext
   IncomingRTPPktLink* MembershipBookkeeping::IncomingRTPPktLink::srcPrev


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