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       MP4Info - Return a textual summary of an mp4 file


       #include <mp4.h>

       char* MP4Info(
            MP4FileHandle hFile,
            MP4TrackId trackId = MP4_INVALID_TRACK_ID


              Specifies the mp4 file to which the operation applies.

              Specifies  a  track for which a summary is desired. If the value
              is MP4_INVALID_TRACK_ID, the summary info  is  created  for  all
              tracks in the mp4 file.


       Upon  success,  a malloc’ed string containing the summary info. Upon an
       error, NULL.


       MP4Info provides a string  that  contains  a  textual  summary  of  the
       contents  of an mp4 file. This includes the track id’s, the track type,
       and track specific information. For example, for a video  track,  media
       encoding, image size, frame rate, and bitrate are summarized.

       Note  that  the  returned  string  is  malloc’ed, so it is the caller’s
       responsibility to free() the string to prevent memory leaks. Also  note
       that  the  returned  string contains newlines and tabs which may or may
       not be desirable.

       The following is an example of the output of MP4Info():

       Track   Type   Info
       1       video  MPEG-4 Simple @ L3, 119.625 secs, 1008 kbps,  352x288  @
       24.00 fps
       2       audio  MPEG-4, 119.327 secs, 128 kbps, 44100 Hz
       3       hint   Payload MP4V-ES for track 1
       4       hint   Payload mpeg4-generic for track 2
       5       od     Object Descriptors
       6       scene  BIFS


       MP4(3) MP4FileInfo(3)