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       MP4AddTrackEdit - Add an edit segment to a track


       #include <mp4.h>

       MP4TrackId MP4AddTrackEdit(
            MP4FileHandle hFile,
            MP4TrackId trackId,
            MP4EditId editId,
            MP4Timestamp startTime = 0,
            MP4Duration duration = 0,
            bool dwell = false


       hFile  Specifies the mp4 file to which the operation applies.

              Specifies the track to which the operation applies.

       editId Specifies the desired position in the edit list sequence for the
              new edit segment. If the value is MP4_INVALID_EDIT_ID, then  the
              edit segment is added at the end of the existing edit list. Note
              editId’s start with the value of 1, not 0.

              Specifies the starting time of the edit  segment  in  the  track
              time scale.

              Specifies  the  duration  of  the edit segment in the track time

       dwell  If false, the track media should be played at its  normal  rate.
              If  true,  the  media  should be paused for the duration of this
              edit segment. This is a mechanism by which  one  can  delay  the
              start of a media track.


       Upon  success,  the  edit  id  of  the new edit segment. Upon an error,


       MP4AddTrackEdit adds an edit segment to the track edit list.

       The track edit list is a feature that allows creation of  an  alternate
       timeline  for  the  track,  typically  cutting out segments of the full
       track to form an shorten, cleaned up version. The  edit  segments  that
       form  the  edit list are a sequence of track start times and durations,
       they do not alter the track media in any way. I.e. no data can be  lost
       via edit list operations.

       To    read    out    the    editted   version   of   the   track,   use
       MP4ReadSampleFromEditTime() instead of MP4ReadSample().

       To export the editted version of the track to a new track,  potentially
       in a new mp4 file, see MP4CopyTrack().

       Note  with many media encodings such as MPEG-4, AAC, and MP3, care must
       be taken when choosing the edit segment start  times.  E.g.  for  video
       tracks  a  reference  or  key  frame should be selected as the starting
       sample of any edit segment. For audio tracks,  an  audio  sample  start
       time should be used.


       MP4(3)        MP4DeleteTrackEdit(3)        MP4ReadSampleFromEditTime(3)