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       GMLTrue -


       #include <GMLParser.h>

       Inherits GMLBuilder.

       Inherited by GMLEdgeBuilder, GMLEdgeGraphicsBuilder,
       GMLEdgeGraphicsLineBuilder, GMLEdgeGraphicsLinePointBuilder,
       GMLGraphBuilder, and GMLNodeGraphicsBuilder.

   Public Member Functions
       bool addBool (const std::string &, const bool)
       bool addInt (const std::string &, const int)
       bool addDouble (const std::string &, const double)
       bool addString (const std::string &, const std::string &)
       bool addStruct (const std::string &structName, GMLBuilder *&newBuilder)
       bool close ()

Member Function Documentation

   bool GMLTrue::addBool (const std::string &, const  bool) [inline, virtual]
       Implements GMLBuilder.

   bool GMLTrue::addDouble (const std::string &, const  double) [inline,
       Implements GMLBuilder.

   bool GMLTrue::addInt (const std::string &, const  int) [inline, virtual]
       Implements GMLBuilder.

   bool GMLTrue::addString (const std::string &, const std::string &) [inline,
       Implements GMLBuilder.

   bool GMLTrue::addStruct (const std::string & structName, GMLBuilder *&
       newBuilder) [inline, virtual]
       Implements GMLBuilder.

   bool GMLTrue::close () [inline, virtual]
       Implements GMLBuilder.

       Reimplemented in GMLNodeGraphicsBuilder, GMLEdgeBuilder,
       GMLEdgeGraphicsBuilder, GMLEdgeGraphicsLineBuilder, and


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