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       DualUDPIPv4Socket -

       A socket class based on two UDP/IPv4 sockets.


       #include <channel.h>

Detailed Description

       A socket class based on two UDP/IPv4 sockets.

       Defines a communication channel for RTP data and/or RTCP streams.
       Sockets used to instantiate this template must define a framing
       mechanism (UDP does not need any addition, TCP does).

       This class implements a socket as a pair of UDP/IPv4 sockets, alllowing
       both transmission and reception of packets in unicast as well as
       multicast mode. The implementation of this class relies on the Common
       C++ UDPSocket class but provides the interface needed by a ccRTP stack.

       Normally, RTP stacks will use two objects of this class, one for RTP
       data packets transmission/reception and other for RTCP (control)

           Federico Montesino Pouzols <>


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