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       Dpkg::BuildFlags - query build flags


       The Dpkg::BuildFlags object is used by dpkg-buildflags and can be used
       to query the same information.


       my $bf = Dpkg::BuildFlags->new()
           Create a new Dpkg::BuildFlags object. It will be initialized based
           on the value of several configuration files and environment

           Reset the flags stored to the default set provided by the vendor.

           Update flags from the system configuration.

           Update flags from the user configuration.

           Update flags based on directives stored in the environment. See
           dpkg-buildflags(1) for details.

           Call successively load_system_config(), load_user_config() and
           load_environment_config() to update the default build flags defined
           by the vendor.

       $bf->set($flag, $value, $source)
           Update the build flag $flag with value $value and record its origin
           as $source.

       $bf->append($flag, $value, $source)
           Append the options listed in $value to the current value of the
           flag $flag.  Record its origin as $source.

       $bf->update_from_conffile($file, $source)
           Update the current build flags based on the configuration
           directives contained in $file. See dpkg-buildflags(1) for the
           format of the directives.

           $source is the origin recorded for any build flag set or modified.

           Return the value associated to the flag. It might be undef if the
           flag doesn't exist.

           Return the origin associated to the flag. It might be undef if the
           flag doesn't exist.

           Returns a boolean indicating whether the flags exists in the

       my @flags = $bf->list()
           Returns the list of flags stored in the object.


       Raphal Hertzog <>