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       CMPIArgs - CMPIArgs class implementation


   Public Attributes
       int void * hdl
           Opaque pointer to class instance data.
       CMPIArgsFT * ft
           Pointer to the Args Function Table.


       CMPIStatus release (CMPIArgs *args)
       CMPIArgs * clone (CMPIArgs *args, CMPIStatus *rc)
       CMPIStatus  addArg  (CMPIArgs  *args,  char  *name,  CMPIValue  *value,
           CMPIType type)
       CMPIData getArg (CMPIArgs *args, char *name, CMPIStatus *rc)
       CMPIData getArgAt  (CMPIArgs  *args,  unsigned  int  index,  CMPIString
           **name, CMPIStatus *rc)
       unsigned int getArgCount (CMPIArgs *args, CMPIStatus *rc)


       Native CMPIArgs implementation.

       This   is  the  native  CMPIArgs  implementation  as  used  for  remote
       providers. It reflects the well-defined interface of a regular CMPIArgs
       object, however, it works independently from the management broker.

       It  is  part of a native broker implementation that simulates CMPI data
       types rather than interacting with the entities in a full-grown  CIMOM.


       Common Manageability Programming Interface (CMPI) - OpenGroup