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       Blt_TreeDeleteNode - Deletes a node and its descendants.


       #include <bltTree.h>

       Blt_TreeDeleteNode(tree, node)


       Blt_Tree       tree   (in)      Tree containing the node.

       Blt_TreeNode   node   (in)      Node to be deleted.


       This  procedure deletes a given node and all it descendants from a tree
       data object.

       The arguments are as follows:

       tree      The tree containing the parent node.

       node      Node to be deleted.  The node and its  descendant  nodes  are
                 deleted.   Each  node’s  data  values are deleted also.   The
                 reference count of the Tcl_Obj is decremented.

       Since all tree objects must contain at least a root node, the root node
       itself  can’t  be  deleted  unless  the tree is released and destroyed.
       Therefore you can clear a tree by deleting its root, but the root  node
       will remain until the tree is destroyed.


       Always  returns  TCL_OK.   Errors generated in a notification callbacks
       are backgrounded (see Tcl_TreeCreateNotifyHandler).


       The following example deletes the root node.

              Blt_TreeNode root;

              root = Blt_TreeRootNode(token);
              Blt_TreeDeleteNode(token, root);


       Blt_TreeDeleteNode can trigger tree notify events.  You can be notified
       whenever a node is deleted by using the Blt_TreeCreateNotifyHandler.  A
       callback routine is  registered  that  will  be  automatically  invoked
       whenever a node is deleted via Blt_TreeDeleteNode to the tree.


       tree, token