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       qrstat - show the status of Sun Grid Engine Advance Reservations (AR)


       qrstat [-ar ar_id,...]  [-help] [-u user,...]  [-explain]


       qrstat  shows  the current status of the available Sun Grid Engine ARs.
       The selection option -ar allows you to get information  about  specific

       The  administrator  and the user may define files which can contain any
       of the options described below. A cluster-wide sge_qrstat file  may  be
       placed  under  $SGE_ROOT/$SGE_CELL/common/sge_qrstat  The  user private
       file is searched at the location $HOME/.sge_qrstat.  The home directory
       request  file  has the highest precedence over the cluster global file.
       Command line can be used to override the flags contained in the  files.


       -ar ar_id,...
              Prints  various  information  about  the ARs identified by given
              ar_id list.

              Displays the reason for the  error  state  of  an  AR.  Possible
              reasons are the unknown state of a host or queue instance.

              The  output format for the alarm reasons is one line per reason.

       -help  Prints a listing of all options.

       -u user,...
              Display information only for those ARs created by the users from
              the given user list.

              The  string  $user is a placeholder for the current username. An
              asterisk "*" can be used as username wildcard  to  request  that
              all  users'  ARs be displayed. The default value for this switch
              is "-u $user".

       -xml   This option can be used with all other options and  changes  the
              output  to  XML.  The  used  schemas  are  referenced in the XML
              output. The output is printed to stdout.


       Depending on the presence or absence of the -ar option  there  are  two
       output formats need to be differentiated.

   Advance Reservation Summary (without -ar)
       Following  the  header  line,  a  section  for each AR is provided. The
       columns contain information for

       o  the AR id.

       o  the name of the AR.

       o  the current state of the AR. One of following states 'wWrEd".

          w - waiting without error
          W - warning (effective - waiting with error)
          r - running
          E - error (effective - running with error)
          d - deleted

       o  the start time of the AR.

       o  the end time of the AR.

       o  the duration of the AR.

   Detailed Format (with -ar)
       The output  contains  two  columns.  The  first  one  contains  all  AR
       attributes.  The second one the corresponding value.


       SGE_ROOT       Specifies  the  location of the Sun Grid Engine standard
                      configuration files.

       SGE_CELL       If set, specifies the default Sun Grid Engine  cell.  To
                      address a Sun Grid Engine cell qrstat uses (in the order
                      of precedence):

                             The name of the cell specified in the environment
                             variable SGE_CELL, if it is set.

                             The name of the default cell, i.e. default.

                      If  set,  specifies  that  debug  information  should be
                      written to stderr. In addition the level  of  detail  in
                      which debug information is generated is defined.

                      If  set,  specifies the tcp port on which sge_qmaster(8)
                      is expected to listen for communication requests.   Most
                      installations  will  use  a  services  map entry for the
                      service "sge_qmaster" instead to define that port.


                       Sun Grid Engine master host file
                       cluster qrstat default options
                       user qrstat default options


       sge_intro(1), qrsub(1), qrdel(1), qsub(1),


       See sge_intro(1) for a full statement of rights and permissions.