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       ods-hsmspeed - OpenDNSSEC HSM speed tester


       ods-hsmspeed [-c config] -r repository [-i iterations] [-s keysize] [-t


       The ods-hsmspeed utility is part of OpenDNSSEC and can be used to  test
       the performance of the configured HSMs.

       The components of OpenDNSSEC do not talk directly to the HSMs, but uses
       an internal library called libhsm. It then  talks  to  the  HSMs  using
       PKCS#11.   The  libhsm  simplifies  the  process  of  creating keys and
       signatures for the other components of OpenDNSSEC.

       ods-hsmspeed will measure the speed by using  the  libhsm.  The  result
       that  you  get  is  somewhat lower than what the manufactures promises,
       because  the  libhsm  creates  some  overhead  to  the   pure   PKCS#11


       -c config
              Path to an OpenDNSSEC configuration file.

              (defaults to /etc/opendnssec/conf.xml)

       -i iterations
              Specify the number of iterations for signing an RRset.  A higher
              number of iterations will increase the performance.

              (defaults to 1 iteration)

       -r repository
              The speed test will be performed on this repository.

       -s keysize
              A temporary RSA key with the given  keysize  will  be  used  for

              (defaults to 1024 bit)

       -t threads
              The number of threads to use.  Most HSMs will be utilized better
              with multiple threads.

              (defaults to 1 thread)


       ods-auditor(1),   ods-control(8),   ods-enforcerd(8),   ods-hsmutil(1),
       ods-kaspcheck(1),    ods-ksmutil(1),   ods-signer(8),   ods-signerd(8),
       ods-timing(5), opendnssec(7),


       ods-hsmspeed was written by Jakob Schlyter and Nominet as part  of  the
       OpenDNSSEC project.