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       mincexpand - expands a compressed minc file, if necessary.


       mincexpand [<options>] <infile> [<outfile>]


       Mincexpand  expands  a  compressed, packed, gzipped or zipped minc file
       into a temporary file using gunzip (or zcat or pcat) and prints out the
       name of the new file. If the input file is not compressed, then nothing
       is done and the original  file  name  is  printed.  A  second  line  is
       printed,  indicating  whether  the name is that of a new temporary file
       ("Temporary") or that of the original file ("Original"). If  no  output
       file name is given, then the program generates its own.


              Expand only enough of the file to be able to read the header.

              Expand the whole file (default).

              Print  out  only  the  file  name,  not the status (Temporary or

       -help  Print summary of command-line options and exit.

              Print the program’s version number and exit.


       Peter Neelin


       Copyright © 1995 by Peter Neelin

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