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       minccmp - compare one or more minc file using comparator operators


       minccmp [<options>] <in1.mnc> <in2.mnc> [<inn.mnc> ...]


       minccmp  will  calculate  simple  statistical measures between two minc
       files or more by comparing all subsequent  files  to  the  first.   The
       results for each subseqent file are then returned in order.  By default
       all statistics are calculated. If specifitc  statistics  are  requested
       via  a  command-line  option,  then  only  the requested statistics are

       A very useful feature of this program is the ability  to  restrict  the
       set  of  voxels  included  in  the  statistic  calculation,  either  by
       restricting the range of included values (-floor, -ceil or -range),  or
       by using a mask file (-mask) with a restricted range.

       The  comparison  statistics  available in minccmp are given below. Note
       that two of these (-xcorr and -zscore) are a very  close  approximation
       to what is used in minctracc.


       Note that options can be specified in abbreviated form (as long as they
       are unique) and can be given anywhere on the command line.

General options

              Overwrite an existing file.

              Don’t overwrite an existing file (default).

       -debug Dump a lot of extra information (for when things go haywire).

              Print out extra information (more than the default).

       -quiet Print out only the requested numbers

       -max_buffer_size_in_kb size
              Specify the maximum size of the internal  buffers  (in  kbytes).
              Default is 4 MB.

              Check  that  all  input  files  have  matching sampling in world
              dimensions (default).

              Ignore any differences in world dimensions  sampling  for  input
              files .

Volume range options

       -floor min
              A  lower  bound  for  ranges  of  data  to  include in statistic

       -ceil max
              An upper bound for  ranges  of  data  to  include  in  statistic

       -range min,max
              A  lower  and  upper  bound for the ranges of data to include in

       -mask filename.mnc
              Name of file to be used for masking data included  in  statistic

Basic statistics

       -all   Compute all statistical measures. This is the default.

       -ssq   Print the Sum Squared Difference between two input files
                 SSQ = Sum( (A-B)^2 )

       -rmse  Print the Root Mean Squared Error between two input files
                 RMSE = sqrt( 1/n * Sum((A-B)^2))

       -xcorr Print the Cross Correlation between two input files
                 XCORR = Sum((A*B)^2) / (sqrt(Sum(A^2)) * sqrt(Sum(B^2))

              Print the z-score difference between two input files
                 ZSCORE = Sum( |((A - mean(A)) / stdev(A)) -
                                ((B - mean(B)) / stdev(B))| ) / n

Generic options for all commands:

       -help  Print summary of command-line options and exit.

              Print the program’s version number and exit.


       Andrew Janke


       Copyright © 2010 by Andrew Janke

                         $Date: 2010-03-02 12:12:20 $