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     midish - MIDI sequencer and filter


     midish [-bv]


     Midish is a MIDI sequencer/filter implemented as an interactive command-
     line interpreter (users wanting to use midish interactively may consider
     using the rmidish(1) utility).  Here are some of its features:

     ·   Multiple MIDI devices handling
     ·   Synchronisation to external MIDI devices
     ·   Filtering/routing (controller mapping, keyboard splitting, ...)
     ·   Track recording, editing, quatisation
     ·   Import and export of standard MIDI files
     ·   Tempo and time-signature changes, user configurable metronome
     ·   System exclusive messages handling

     The options are as follows:

     -b   Do not process $HOME/.midishrc or /etc/midishrc and stop on the
          first error on the standard input.  Useful for scripting

     -v   Print additionnal info before each line of input, useful to front-
          ends and for dubugging.

     Once midish started, the interpreter processes the $HOME/.midishrc file
     (or /etc/midishrc if the later dosn’t exist) and starts prompting for
     commands.  Certain commands (such as playback, recording) are blocking,
     they can be resumed by sending an interrupt signal to midish (SIGINT or
     ^C on ttys).  For further information about the syntax of midish refer to
     the “Midish user’s manual”.


     $HOME/.midishrc  startup script
     /etc/midishrc    startup script (if $HOME/.midishrc doesn’t exist)
     /dev/rmidiN      midi(4) devices used by midish


     rmidish(1), smfplay(1), midiplay(1), midi(4)
     User’s manual and tutorial