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       midi2mg - convert a midi file into midge(1) text format.


       midi2mg [ options ] midi_file


       midi2mg reads a midi file and writes its contents to a file in midge(1)
       text format. It prints a message to stdout for any midi events it can’t


       -h or --help

              Display help text.

       -v or --verbose

              Print verbose messages to stdout.

       -q or --quiet

              Quiet. No stdout.

       -o file or --outfile file

              Write  output  to  file.  Otherwise converts file.mid to
              Outputs to stdout if file is  ‘-’.  When  outputting  to  stdout
              quiet  mode  is  automatically  set  unless  verbose mode is set
              earlier on the command line.

       -w or --ignore-wrong-track

              Ignore MIDI events on the wrong channel instead of exiting.

       -n i[,j...] or --include-tracks i[,j...]

              Only convert the tracks in the comma separated list, with  track
              numbers starting from 1.

       -N i[,j...] or --exclude-tracks i[,j...]

              Convert all tracks except those specified in the comma separated

       -t n or --tuplet-factor n

              An additional factor for files with odd note lengths, to prevent
              them  being  translated  as decimals (n should be a prime number
              greater than 3).

       -F or --no-factorise

              Do not factorise time  values  (may  help  to  decipher  unusual
              tuplet values).


       Does not correctly handle some text events.

       Does not handle SMTPE style tempo events.

       Does  not  handle  changes  of  tempo/time_sig/key  if  these  are on a
       separate tempo track.




       David Riley <>

                                 17 July 2006