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       mhub - converts LibGII events to mouse protocol or mhub data


       mhub [options]


       mhub  reads  pointer  events from the LibGII default device and outputs
       mouse protocol data and/or mhub  data  to  the  specified  files.   The
       default  device  is  specified with the GII_INPUT environment variable,
       see the libgii(7) manual for more info.


       -h     displays this help and exit

       -v     output version information and exit

       -d     print contents of received events to standard error

       -s     terminate program  when  a  SIGPIPE  signal  is  received.   The
              default is to ignore SIGPIPE.

       -e BUTNR
              only  generate mhub events for buttons >= BUTNR.  The default is

       -b FILE
              output mhub events to FILE

       -2 FILE
              output PS/2 format data to FILE

       -i FILE
              output (serial) IntelliMouse format data to FILE

       -m FILE
              output MouseSystems format data to FILE

       -r FROM TO
              remap button FROM to button TO

       -w BUTNR
              transform wheel up motion to a BUTNR mhub event

       -W BUTNR
              transform wheel down motion to a BUTNR mhub event

       A maximum of 20 mhub event  outputs  and  20  mouse  data  outputs  are
       supported.   The  number  of  remaps are unlimited and all remaps occur
       before any other processing.

       Mouse data outputs may all use different protocols.