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       Maven - manual page for Maven Repo Helper version 1.2


       mh_lspoms [option]... <package>


       Looks for all POM files defined in the source of the project.


              <package> is the name of the binary package,

              e.g.  libcommons-lang-java. Default to the first binary found in
              the debian/control file


       -h --help: show this text

       -V --version: show the version

       -p<package> --package=<package>: package to act on

       -f --force: force run even if the .poms files exist.

              Only maven.rules will be created, assuming that it did not exist

       -n --non-interactive: non interactive session, don't ask questions.

       You need to execute it on the unpacked origial source tree, merged with
       the  debian/  folder.  It   will   create   the   file   debian/<binary
       package>.poms  which  contains  all  the  POMs  to  deploy to the Maven
       repository and is used by mh_installpoms.

   The contents of debian/<binary package>.poms should be:
              * one POM file location per line, * optionaly, the  location  is
              followed by the option --no-parent

              to  indicate that if this POM inherits from a parent, the parent
              element will be removed.