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       metaxref - builds cross-reference file/unit/item information


       metaxref [ -dhkmsV ] [ -f manifest ] [ -L dir ]


       Metaxref  is  a  program that scans all the files in your MANIFEST file
       and produces three files which contains information about how the files
       in that MANIFEST reference items defined by metaconfig’s unit files.

       The first two files, I.fui and I.uif reference the file, unit and items
       sorted differently. The third  file,  Obsolete,  dumps  all  the  known
       obsolete  symbols,  in  which  file they appear and the new symbol that
       should be used instead.

       Note that obsolete symbols do not appear in  the  main  cross-reference
       files,  but  are  only  listed in the Obsolete file. That’s yet another
       incentive to use the new symbols in your sources. :-)


       Metaxref recognizes the following options:

       -d        Turn on debug mode.

       -f manifest
                 Use an alternate manifest file.

       -h        Print help message and exit.

       -k        Keep temporary .MT directory.

       -m        Assume lots of memory and swap space. This  will  drastically
                 improve  the  symbol lookup time in your source files, at the
                 expense of memory usage.

       -s        Turn on silent mode.

       -L dir    Override  default  library  location  (where  the   U   units
                 directory can be found).

       -V        Print version number and exit.


       Harlan Stenn <>


                 Public unit files.
       U/*.U     Private unit files
       I.fui     Lists information sorted by file, unit and item.
       I.uif     Lists information sorted by unit, item and file.
       Obsolete  Lists all the obsolete symbols used by the sources.

                      where LIB is /usr/share/dist.


       Metaxref  will  list  among  the  wanted  items all those magic symbols
       defined within units on the ?M: lines. Those  are  relevant  only  when
       metaconfig is invoked with the -M option.


       metaconfig(1), metalint(1)

                                Version 3.5 PL0