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       menhir - parser generator for OCaml


       menhir [options] files


       menhir  is  a LR(1) parser generator for the Objective Caml programming
       language. That is, Menhir compiles LR(1) grammar specifications down to
       Objective Caml code. It is mostly compatible with ocamlyacc(1).


       -h, --help
              Show summary of options.

       -b, --base basename
              Specifies a base name for the output file(s).

              Include comments in the generated code.

              Invoke ocamldep and display dependencies.

       --dump Describe the automaton in basename.automaton.

              Attempt recovery by discarding tokens after errors.

              Explain conflicts in basename.conflicts.

       --external-tokens module
              Import token type definition from module.

              Write grammar’s dependency graph to

              Invoke ocamlc for ahead of time type inference.

              Interpret the sentences provided on stdin.

              Show a concrete syntax tree upon acceptance.

       -la, --log-automaton level
              Log information about the automaton.

       -lc, --log-code level
              Log information about the generated code.

       -lg, --log-grammar level
              Log information about the grammar.

              Ignore the %inline keyword.

              Do not load the standard library.

       --ocamlc command
              Specifies how ocamlc should be invoked.

       --ocamldep command
              Specifies how ocamldep should be invoked.

              Print a simplified grammar and exit.

              Generate token type definition only, no code.

              Invoke ocamldep and echo its raw output.

       --stdlib directory
              Specify where the standard library lies.

              Suggest compilation flags for ocaml{c,opt}.

              Suggest link flags for ocamlc.

              Suggest link flags for ocamlopt.

       -t, --table
              Use the table-based back-end.

              Display internal timings.

              Include tracing instructions in the generated code.

              Show version number and exit.

       -v     Synonymous with --dump --explain.




       menhir was written by François Pottier and Yann Régis-Gianas.

       This manual page was written by Samuel Mimram <>, for
       the Debian project (but may be used by others).

                                April 19, 2006