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       mdbus2 - Mickey’s DBus introspection and interaction utility


       mdbus2 [OPTIONS...] [ busname [ objectpath [ method [ params... ] ] ] ]


       The mdbus2 command is used to explore and interact with  DBus  services
       on  your  system bus and session bus. Called without any parameters, it
       will show the available services on the selected bus. Given  a  service
       name, it will show the available objects exported by the service. Given
       a service name and an object path, it will show  the  exposed  methods,
       signals, and properties of that object.

       There  are  two  well-known  message  buses: the systemwide message bus
       (installed on many systems as the "messagebus" service)  and  the  per-
       user-login-session message bus (started each time a user logs in).  The
       --system option directs mdbus2 to operate on the system bus rather than
       the session bus.

       mdbus2  has  three  modes:  The  introspection mode, the listening mode
       (-l), and the interactive mode (-i).   The  interactive  mode  features
       readline command completion and history.

       The message bus configuration may keep mdbus2 from seeing all messages,
       especially if you run it as a non-root user.


              Include unique DBus names ( in the output.

              Include PIDs in the output. (Only valid in introspection mode)

              Start in listening mode.

              Use the system bus rather than the session bus.

              Start in interactive mode.


       Here is an example of using mdbus2 to listen  to  all  signals  on  the
       session bus.

         mdbus2 -s -l


       mdbus2 was written by Michael ’Mickey’ Lauer.


       Please  send  bug  reports to the issue tracker, see