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       mautil - Mono.Addins Setup Utility


       mautil [options] <command> [arguments]


       The mautil tool works with Mono.Addins repositories and packages.


       --registry, -reg
              Specify add-in registry path

       --path, -p
              Specify startup path

       -v     Verbose output

   Add-in commands:
       install, i
              Installs add-ins.

       uninstall, u
              Uninstalls add-ins.

       check-install, ci
              Checks installed add-ins.

       update, up
              Updates installed add-ins.

       list, l
              Lists installed add-ins.

       list-av, la
              Lists add-ins available in registered repositories.

       list-update, lu
              Lists available add-in updates.

   Repository Commands:
       rep-add, ra
              Registers repositories.

       rep-remove, rr
              Unregisters repositories.

       rep-update, ru
              Updates the lists of available addins.

       rep-list, rl
              Lists registered repositories.

   Add-in Registry Commands:
       reg-update, rgu
              Updates the add-in registry.

       reg-build, rgb
              Rebuilds the add-in registry.

       info   Prints information about an add-in.

   Packaging Commands:
       rep-build, rb
              Creates a repository index file for a directory structure.

       pack, p
              Creates a package from an add-in configuration file.

       help, h
              Shows help about a command.

   Debug Commands:
              Prints the contents of a registry file.