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       matroxset - switch the output mode of Matrox video cards


          matroxset [[OPTION] ...] [VALUE]


       -c  Get/set control value.


       Edit controls interactively.
       -f DEVICE
           Manipulate the frame buffer DEVICE (default is /dev/fb1).

       -l  List controls

       -m  Connect this frame buffer to the outputs specified in VALUE (0 is
           none, 1 is primary, 2 is secondary, 4 is digital flat panel; these
           values may be summed for multiple outputs).

       -o OUTPUT
           Set OUTPUT (0 is primary, 1 is secondary, default is 1) to the
           output mode VALUE (128 is monitor, 1 is PAL TV, 2 is NTSC TV).

       -p  Display information about blanking.


       Output mMatrox card video to television. PAL 50Hz and NTSC 59.94Hz are
       supported, Composite and S-Video output.

       Contains two demoprograms, normal and swapped. First selects CRTC1 on
       first output and CRTC2 on second one. Swapped connects CRTC1 to
       secondary head and CRTC2 to primary head. You can use these programs if
       you need text mode or 8bpp mode on TV, as CRTC2 is incapable of these

       In program call, If VALUE is specified, set the specified option to
       VALUE. If VALUE is not specified, retreive the value of the specified

       For technical information, see "TV-out on the G450" at See also "Matrox Marvel" tips for
       G200, G400 at Matrox frame buffer
       headers at /usr/include/linux/matroxfb.h






       directvnc(1) fbdev(4) fbgrab(1) fbset(1) fbterm(1) Xvfb(1)


       Program was written by Petr Vandrovec <>.

       This manual page was written by Shaun Jackman <>,
       for the Debian GNU system (but may be used by others). Updated by Jari
       Aalto <>. Released under license GNU GPL v2 or (at
       your option) any later version. For more information about license,
       visit <>.  z