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       maruku - converts markdown files to various output


       maruku [options] [ [ ...]]


       maruku  is  a  markdown  interpreter:  it  accepts files written in the
       markdown language and transforms them into  HTML,  TeX  of  PDF  (using
       pdflatex).  If  no  file is given on the command-line, maruku acts as a
       filter and converts standard input to standard output.


       -v, --[no-]verbose
              Run verbosely

       -u, --[no-]unsafe
              Use unsafe features

       -b     Break on error

       -i, --math-images ENGINE
              Uses ENGINE to render TeX to PNG.

       -m, --math-engine ENGINE
              Uses ENGINE to render MathML

       -o, --output FILE
              Output filename

       --pdf  Creates PDF output using pdflatex. Please see the NOTE below.

       --s5   Write S5 slideshow

       --html Write HTML output.

              Write the contents of the BODY.

       --tex  Write LaTeX

              Shows the parsing result

              Show version


       marutex(1) pdflatex(1).


       An important note for debian users: to prevent  a  lightweight  library
       such  as  libmaruku-ruby  to  pull  in heavy dependencies like texlive,
       libmaruku-ruby does not depend on texlive  (but  only  recommends  it).
       This  means  that  if you do not install texlive, you will not have PDF


       maruku was written by Andrea Censi <>.

       This manual page was written by Vincent Fourmond <>,
       for the Debian project (but may be used by others).

                                 May 27, 2007