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       MaPiVi - Picture Viewer and Organizer
                MaPiVi means Martin’s Picture Viewer


       JPEG picture viewer / image management system with meta info support
       written in Perl/Tk for UNIX, Mac OS X and Windows.

       I wrote mapivi just for me, because I needed a image viewer which is
       also able to display and edit meta infos of JPEG pictures, like EXIF,
       JPEG comments and IPTC/IIM infos.  As hobby photographer I am mostly
       interested in the EXIF infos (like timestamp, camera model, focal
       length, exposure time, aperture, etc.) and the possibility to add and
       edit IPTC infos and JPEG comments.  But I also want to rename pictures
       according to their internal date/time and to do lossless rotation,
       lossless cropping and other stuff.

       mapivi can be found here: (link to the mapivi site)
       or if this won’t work: (real site) (download)

       I would be happy to receive some feedback (e.g. on which os mapivi
       works), bugfixes, patches or suggestions about mapivi.

       Copyright (c) 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008  Martin Herrmann
       All rights reserved.

       Feel free to redistribute.  Enjoy!


       mapivi [-i ] [file|folder]

       to display a certain picture use:

       mapivi picture.jpg

       mapivi will generate and display all pictures in the folder as
       thumbnails. The given picture will be displayed in original size or
       zoomed to fit the window (picture frame).

       to view a folder containing pictures use:

       mapivi ~/pics/

       mapivi will generate and display all pictures in the given folder as

       to start mapivi with the import wizard

       mapivi -i


       mapivi is controlled by the following keys: see also menu Help->Keys
       (the list is generated from the source code and is always actual.)

       Space, Page-Down
           Show the next picture in folder

       BackSpace, Page-Up
           Show the previous picture in folder

           Iconify MaPiVi (Boss-Key :)

       Cursor-up, -down, -left, -right
           Scroll the picture, if it’s bigger than the Canvas

       Shift-Cursor-up, -down, -left, -right
           Move to the border of the picture, if it’s bigger than the Canvas

       q   Quit MaPiVi

           For all other key bindings, see the menu Help->Keys


       Try the right mouse button in the thumbnail picture list for a popup
       menu to copy, move, rename, rotate or delete pictures, to open a new
       folder, to add or remove comments or to exit MaPiVi.

       Use the buttons to add, edit or remove JPG comments, or to display all
       EXIF infos.

       If you hold the mouse over the buttons or labels a help message will
       pop up (or at least at most of them :).