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       makempy - convert PDF or PostScript text to MetaPost graphics


       makempy filenam


       makempy  takes  MetaPost  output  files  (*.mpo) and translates them to
       *.mpy files. In order to include text as a graphic into a file  typeset
       with  (Con)TeX(t),  you  extract  the text from Postscript of PDF files
       using pdftops(1) and pstoedit(1), creating a Metapost input file.

       This file can then be processed by makempy. The makempy script does its
       work  without  user  intervention.  When  it  deduces that there are no
       changes, it does not do anything; otherwise it reports  its  steps  and
       any errors.


       --help print basic usage information

              don’t report status messages

              always process the file (no checksum test)

              don’t remove temporary files when finished

              use  pdftops(1), part of the xpdf(1) programs, to convert PDF to

              use GhostScript (see pdf2ps(1)) to convert PDF to PostScript


       When set, the environment variables GS and  GS_PROG  will  be  used  to
       identify  GHOSTSCRIPT.   The  names of the other programs that are used
       can be set with PDFTOPS and PSTOEDIT.


       ·      mpost(1), pstoedit(1), texexec(1).

       ·      The makempy manual,  mmakempy.pdf,  available  from  PRAGMA  ADE

       ·      ConTeXt wiki 〈〉.


       This  manual page was written by Frank Küster <>, for
       the Debian GNU/Linux system.  It may be used  and  modified  by  others
       without contacting the author.