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       make-klone-project - manage a KLone based custom Debian package


       make-klone-project [options] COMMAND


       make-klone-project  is  a  tool  to  create and manage custom webserver
       packages that use KLone, a framework that integrates a  web  site  with
       possibly dynamic content and a web server into a single binary.

       The  aim  is  to  let  the author to focus on editing the site specific
       files under webapp/ and allow creating a Debian package containing  the
       web server and an init.d script to manage it with dpkg-buildpackage.


       make-klone-project takes one non-option argument.

       create Create  a  new  project directory, package-0.1 and seeds it with
              KLone’s source and a debian/ directory.

       clean  Remove all non-user created files and directories ie. everything
              but   debian/copyright,   debian/changelog,   debian/wsp.*   and
              webapp/.  See also the -l option below.

              Cleans the project directory as  with  make-klone-project  clean
              and reseeds the KLone source and the debian/ directory.


        make-klone-project create -p myapp -m "Kari Pahula <>"
        cd myapp-0.1
        (edit any files that require editing, mostly in webapp/)
        make-klone-project refresh
        dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot
        sudo dpkg -i ../myapp_0.1_i386.deb


       -b NAME
              Name  the  created  web server binary as NAME.  If not specified
              the package name is used.

       -l     Look for  the  project  root  directory  in  clean  and  refresh
              commands  by  changing  the  working  directory  to  the  parent
              directory until they find a file named debian/wsp.opt.maintainer
              in  the current directory.  Returns with error if none is found.
              Without this option, only the current directory is  checked  for
              this file.

              The  upside of using this option is that make-klone-project will
              be agnostic about the  working  directory,  as  long  as  it  is
              somewhere  inside the project tree, just like dpkg-buildpackage.
              The downside is that you run a greater risk of having the  clean
              command  cause  unwanted  data  loss,  if  you happen to have an
              unfortunately named file in a wrong place.

       -m NAME
              Sets the maintainer name as NAME.

       -p NAME
              Set the package name as NAME.  Only effective  with  the  create
              command.  If not specified, uses customkloneapp.


              A  custom description for the package.  Should be formatted like
              the corresponding field in the debian/control file.

              The options set in prior calls to make-klone-project.

              The user specified site tree, to be  imported  as  the  site  by


       Your  web  server will be run as a root, so you will need to use either
       allow_root or uid and gid options in your etc/kloned.conf.


       dpkg-buildpackage(1), klone(1), kloned.conf(5), kloned(8).


       make-klone-project was written by Kari Pahula <>.

                                  16 Sep 2007