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       mainline - command line interface to Dosage


       mainline [options] module [module...]


       mainline  is  a  command  line  interface  to  Dosage.  Dosage  is a an
       application designed to keep a local ‘mirror’ of  specific  web  comics
       and  other  picture-based  content, such as ‘Picture Of The Day’ sites,
       with a variety of options for updating and maintaining collections.


       -b PATH, --base--path=PATH
              Specifies a base path to put comic subdirectories.  The  default
              is ‘Comics’.

              Specifies the base URL for output events. The default is a local
              file URI.

       -c, --catch-up
              Traverses all available strips until an (identical) existing one
              is  found.  This can be useful if your collection was previously
              up to date, but you’ve  missed  a  few  days  worth  of  strips.
              Alternatively  you  can  specify  -c twice for a ‘full catchup’,
              which will not  stop  until  all  comics  have  been  traversed.
              Catchups  can ‘resumed’ by using the index syntax, see the INDEX
              SYNTAX and SPECIAL SYNTAX sections for more information.

       -h, --help
              Output brief help information.

       -l, --list
              List available comic modules in multi-column fashion.

              List available comic modules in single-column fashion.

       -m MODULE, --module-help=MODULE
              Output module-specific help for MODULE.

       -o OUTPUT, --output=OUTPUT
              OUTPUT may be any one of the following:

              text - Provides no additional output and is the default value.

              html - Writes out an HTML file linking to  the  strips  actually
              downloaded  in the current run, named by date (ala dailystrips).
              The files can be found in the ´html’ directory  of  your  Comics

              rss  -  Writes  out  an  RSS  feed  detailing  what  strips were
              downloaded in the last 24  hours.  The  feed  can  be  found  in

              rss  -  Writes  an  RSS  feed  with all of the strips downloaded
              during the run, for use with your favourite RSS aggregator.

       -p, --progress
              Display a progress bar while downloading comics.

       -q, --quiet
              Decrease the output level by one with each occurence.

       -t, --timestamps
              Print timestamps for all output at any level.

       -v, --verbose
              Increase the output level by one with each occurence.

       -V, --version
              Display the version number.  module At least  one  valid  module
              must  be  specified.  A  list  of  valid modules can be found by
              passing  the  -l  option.  Multiple  module  arguments  can   be
              specified on the command line.


       One can indicate the start of a list of comma seperated indices using a

       If -c is specified with index syntax then ‘resume’ mode  is  activated,
       where a ‘catchup’ will start at the given index.

       Refer to EXAMPLES for samples.


       Some  users may find certain comics offensive and wish to disable them.
       Modules listed in /etc/dosage/disabled and ~/.dosage/disabled  will  be
       disabled. These files should contain only one module name per line.


       @      This  expands  to mean all the comics currently in your ‘Comics’

       @@     This expands to mean all the comics available to Dosage.

       INDEX SYNTAX can be used with SPECIAL SYNTAX but this is unlikely to be


       Retrieve the latest Mega Tokyo comic:
              mainline MegaTokyo

       Retrieve every strip from every comic that there is a module for:
              mainline -c @@

       Retrieve  all Penny Arcade strips from (and including) a given index to
       the beginning regardless of whether they already exist or not:
              mainline -c PennyArcade:2004-07-22


              mainline will use the specified HTTP proxy whenever possible.


       Should retrieval fail on any  given  strip  mainline  will  attempt  to
       retry.  However  the  retry information is only outputted in the second
       and successive output levels.

       At the time of writing, a  complete  Dosage  collection  weighs  in  at
       around 3.0GB.


       See   for   a   list   of  current
       development tasks and suggestions.


              Disables comic modules on a global scale.

              Disables comic modules on a local scale.


       mainline   and    Dosage    were    written    by    Jonathan    Jacobs
       <>          and         Tristan         Seligmann
       <>. This manual page was written  by  Jonathan