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       macsave - Save Mac files read from standard input


       macsave [ - options ]


       macsave  reads  a  sequence  of Macintosh MacBinary files from standard
       input  and  writes  the  files  it  contains  subject  to  the  options


       In  the  absence  of  any  options,  macsave  reads  standard input and
       silently writes the file(s) it contains in MacBinary format, giving the
       output  files ".bin" extensions and placing them in the current working
       directory.  Subdirectories are created for embedded folders.

       -3     Write files in fork format (.info, .data and .rsrc files.)

       -f     As -3, but empty data and rsrc files are not created.

       -r     Write resource forks only (.rsrc files.)

       -d     Write data forks only (.data files.)

       -u     As -d, but the  codes  for  CR  and  LF  are  interchanged,  the
              filename extension is .text.

       -U     As -u, but there is no filename extension.

       -a     Write  files in AppleShare format.  This option is only valid if
              the  program  is  compiled  with  support  for  some   form   of
              AppleShare.   The  current  directory must be a valid AppleShare

       -s     Write extracted files to standard output in MacBinary format.

       -l     List every file extracted (and  every  directory/folder  created

       -i     Do not extract, give information only (implies -l.)

       -q     Ask  the  user  for  every  file/folder  whether  it  should  be
              extracted (implies -l.)

       -V     Gives the patchlevel of  the  program,  and  other  information.
              Other options are ignored and the program quits immediately.

       -H     Give  short  information  about  the options.  Other options are
              ignored and the program quits immediately.


       As this is a beta release, there may still be some problems.




       Dik T. Winter, CWI, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (