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       luvcview - USB Video Class grabber


       luvcview [options]...


       luvcview is a camera viewer for UVC based webcams. It includes an mjpeg
       decoder and is able to save the video stream as an AVI file.


       A summary of options is included below.

       -c     Enable raw frame capturing for the first frame.

       -C     Enable raw frame stream capturing from the start.

       -d /dev/videoX
              Specify the video device to use.

       -f format
              Specify the video format to use.

              jpg or MJPG
                     JPEG format. This is the default if available.

              yuv or YUYV
                     YUV format.

              uyvy or UYVY
                     UYV format.

       -g     Grab the images with READ method instead of default MMAP.

       -h     Print a help text and exit.

       -L     Query valid video formats.

       -l     Query valid controls and settings.

       -o outputfile
              Create an AVI file with  the  stream  received  from  the  video

       -r     Read  and set control settings from the luvcview.cfg file in the
              current directory. Such a configuration file can be  created  by
              using the F1 key in the interface.

       -s widthxheight
              Select the image input size.

       -S     Enable raw stream capturing from the start.


       Laurent Pinchart && Michel Xhaard.

       This   manual   page   was   originaly   written   by   Aurelien  Jarno
       <>, for the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be  used
       by others).

                                 June 19, 2007