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       lupdate - update Qt Linguist translation files


       lupdate [ options ] project-file
       lupdate [ options ] source-files -ts ts-files


       This page documents the Qt Linguist Update tool for the Qt GUI toolkit.
       Lupdate reads  a  qmake/tmake  project  file  (.pro  file),  finds  the
       translatable  strings  in  the  specified  source, header and interface
       files, and updates the translation files (.ts files) specified  in  it.
       The  translation files are given to the translator who uses Qt Linguist
       to read the files and insert the translations.

       The .ts file format is a simple human-readable XML format that  can  be
       used with version control systems if required.


       -disable-heuristic {sametext|similartext|number}
              Disable  the  named  merge  heuristic. Can be specified multiple

       -extensions <ext>[,<ext>...]
              Process files with the given  extensions  only.   The  extension
              list  must  be  separated  with  commas,  not  with  whitespace.
              Default: 'ui,c,c++,cc,cpp,cxx,ch,h,h++,hh,hpp,hxx'.

       -help  Display the usage and exit.

       -locations {absolute|relative|none}
              Specify/override how source code  references  are  saved  in  ts
              files.  Default is absolute.

              Drop all obsolete strings.

              Do not recursively scan the following directories.

              Do not sort contexts in .ts files.

              Only include plural form messages.

       -pro <filename>
              Name  of a .pro file. Useful for files with .pro file syntax but
              different file suffix

              Recursively scan the following directories.

              Don't explain what is being done.

       -source-language <language>[_<region>]
              Specify/override the language of the source strings. Defaults to
              POSIX if not specified and the file does not name it yet.

       -target-language <language>[_<region>]
              Specify/override  the  language  of the translation.  The target
              language is guessed from the file name if  this  option  is  not
              specified  and the file contents name no language yet.  -version
              Display the version of lupdate and exit.


       Here is an example .pro file that can be given to lupdate:

           HEADERS         = funnydialog.h \
           SOURCES         = funnydialog.cpp \
                             main.cpp \
           FORMS           = fancybox.ui
           TRANSLATIONS    = gnomovision_dk.ts \
                             gnomovision_fi.ts \
                             gnomovision_no.ts \

       When running lupdate on this project file, the translatable strings  in
       all  the files listed in the HEADERS, SOURCES and FORMS entries will be
       put in the translation files listed in the TRANSLATIONS entry. Previous
       translations  will be reused as far as possible, and translated strings
       that have vanished from the source files are marked obsolete.

       lupdate can also be invoked with a list of C++ source files, .ui  files
       and .ts files:

           lupdate *.cpp *.h *.ui -ts gnomovision_dk.ts


       lrelease(1) and

Nokia Corporation and/or its sub18dOctobere2001                     lupdate(1)