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       ltsinfo - display basic information about an LTS


       ltsinfo [OPTION]... [INFILE]


       Print information about the labelled transition system (LTS) in INFILE.
       If INFILE is not supplied, stdin is used.

       The format of INFILE is determined by its contents. The option --in can
       be used to force the format for INFILE. The supported formats are:
         ’aut’ for the Aldebaran format (CADP),
         ’dot’ for the GraphViz format,
         ’fsm’ for the Finite State Machine format,
         ’mcrl’ for the mCRL SVC format,
         ’mcrl2’ for the mCRL2 LTS format, or
         ’svc’ for the (generic) SVC format


       OPTION can be any of the following:

       -eNAME, --equivalence=NAME
              use equivalence NAME for deterministic check:
                ’isomorph’ for isomorphism (default),
                ’bisim’ for strong bisimilarity,
                ’branching-bisim’ for branching bisimilarity, or
                ’dpbranching-bisim’   for   divergence   preserving  branching
              bisimilarity, or
                ’none’ for not performing the check at all

       -iFORMAT, --in=FORMAT
              use FORMAT as the input format

       Standard options:

       -q, --quiet
              do not display warning messages

       -v, --verbose
              display short intermediate messages

       -d, --debug
              display detailed intermediate messages

       -h, --help
              display help information

              display version information


       Written by Muck van Weerdenburg.


       Report bugs at <>.


       Copyright © 2010 Technische Universiteit Eindhoven.
       This is free software.  You may redistribute copies  of  it  under  the
       terms         of        the        Boost        Software        License
       <>.  There is NO WARRANTY,  to  the
       extent permitted by law.


       See              also             the             manual             at

ltsinfo mCRL2 toolset July 2010 (deMayo2010t)