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       ltp-bump - send signal to tags run by ltp-pan


       ltp-bump [-1] [-s sig] [-a active-file] [tags...]


       Bump  will  send  a SIGINT signal to processes, given that each process
       has a corresponding tag in an active-file.  The active-file is the same
       one that is used by the ltp-pan to start the processes.

       If  the  active file has multiple occurrences of a single tag name then
       only the first process will be signaled.  You may specify the tag  name
       multiple times on the commandline if necessary.

       -1        Send a SIGUSR1 signal.  By default a SIGINT will be sent.

       -a active_file
                 A  file containing the tagnames, pids, and commands being run
                 by a  ltp-pan.   If  this  is  not  specified  then  the  ZOO
                 environment  variable  will  be  read  for  the  name  of the
                 directory where the active file can be found.

       -s sig    Used to specify a signal number to send.  By default a SIGINT
                 will be sent.


       ZOO    If  set,  should name the directory where the active file can be
              found.  This is ignored if -a is specified.


       active Default name of active file if -a is  not  specified.   This  is
              prefixed  by  the  directory  name  found in the ZOO environment


       Zoo tools - ltp-pan(1)


       Exits zero, unless it cannot find the active file or if there  were  no
       tags listed on the commandline.