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       lp-set-up - mark one or more bugs as duplicate of another bug


       lp-set-dup [-f] <main bug> <duplicate bug> [<duplicate bug> ...]
       lp-set-dup --help


       lp-set-dup allow to easily mark one or more bug as duplicate of another
       bug. It checks for permission to operate on a  given  bug  first,  then
       perform required tasks on Launchpad.


       Listed below are the command line options for lp-set-dup:

       -h or --help
              Display a help message and exit.

       -f     Skip confirmation prompt.


       lp-set-dup  was  written by Loc Minier <>, and this manual
       page was written by Luca Falavigna <>.

       Both are released under the terms of the GNU  General  Public  License,
       version 2.