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       longomatch - the Digital Coach


       Longomatch  is  a sports video analysis tool for coaches to assist them
        making game video analysis. You can tag the most  important  plays  of
       the game
        and  group  them  by  categories  to  study  each  detail  of the game
        A list with all the tagged plays lets you review them  with  a  simple
        even  in  slow motion. The timeline gives a quick overview of the game
       and lets
        you adjust the lead and lag time of each play frame by frame.
        LongoMatch  has  support  for  playlists,  an  easy  way   to   create
       presentations with
        plays  from  different  games.  You  can  create  new videos with your
       favorite plays
        using the video editing feature.


       Longomatch was created by Andoni Morales Alastruey  <>
       and this manual page was written by Stefan Ebner <>.


       Longomatch  has  been  released  under  the GNU General Public License,
       version 2 or later.