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       locktest - Find differences in locking between two SMB servers


       locktest {//server1/share1} {//server2/share2} [-U user%pass]
                [-U user%pass] [-s seed] [-o numops] [-a] [-O] [-E] [-Z]
                [-R range] [-B base] [-M min]


       locktest is a utility for detecting differences in behaviour in locking
       between SMB servers. It will run a random set of locking operations
       against //server1/share1 and then the same random set against
       //server2/share2 and display the differences in the responses it gets.

       This utility is used by the Samba team to find differences in behaviour
       between Samba and Windows servers.


       -U user%pass
           Specify the user and password to use when logging on on the shares.
           This parameter can be specified twice (once for the first server,
           once for the second).

       -s seed
           Seed the random number generator with the specified value.

       -o numops
           Set the number of operations to perform.

           Print the operations that are performed.

           Backtrack to find minimal number of operations required to make the
           response to a certain call differ.

           Enable oplocks.

           Hide unlock fails.

           enable exact error code checking

           enable the zero/zero lock

       -R range
           set lock range

       -B base
           set lock base

       -M min
           set min lock length

           Use kerberos


       This man page is correct for version 4.0 of the Samba suite.




       This utility is part of the Samba[1] suite, which is developed by the
       global Samba Team[2].

       locktest was written by Andrew Tridgell.

       This manpage was written by Jelmer Vernooij.


        1. Samba

        2. Samba Team

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