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       llt - list create, access and modification times of files


               llt [-r] [-i] [-a|-m|-c] [files] [dirs]
               llt -e time


       --help, -h
                   show this help

       --reverse, -r
                   sort in reverse order

       --insensitive, -i
                   case insensitively (not with -a, -m or -c)

       --access, -a
                   sort according to access time

       --modification, -m
                   sort according to modification time

       --creation, -c
                   sort according to creation time

       --unixTime, -u
                   show unix time (unsigned integer)

                   print version(s)

       --epoch, -e
                   parameter is the time since epoch
                   llt print the date in a readable format
                   this option can be repeated multiple times
                   llt will stop executing if no other options or params are choosen

       Sorting without [-a|-m|-c] is sorting according to file names.


       Copyright (c) 2000,2004,2008,2009 by Heinz-Josef Claes (see README).
       Published under the GNU General Public License or any later version.