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       liquidsoap - programmable audio stream generator


       liquidsoap [option...] [script.liq|expression|audiofile]


       liquidsoap is an extensible and flexible audio stream generator, mainly
       used for streaming to a shoutcast/icecast server. It is  also  possible
       to  output in a file, to speakers or as raw PCM stream.  liquidsoap can
       perform  any  audio  processing,  mixing  streams  together,   applying
       filters,  generating  sound  procedurally,  there  is no limit but your
       imagination.  Input files can be accessed through  the  network,  using
       samba,   ftp   or   speech  synthesis.   Recognized  formats  are  MP3,
       Ogg/Vorbis, AAC and WAV.  Liquidsoap also inputs HTTP streams, or  from
       a  soundcard.   The  system  features  lots  of  programming operators,
       including user requests, time-based  selection,  sum.   Many  of  these
       features  are  optional, so it is possible that they are not enabled in
       your installation.

       script.liq is a liquidsoap  script  containing  the  settings  and  the
       source  definitions.  The script will be read from standard input if --
       is given as script filename.  Information about scripting liquidsoap is
       available on our website:

       If  the  parameter  is  an  audio  file then liquidsoap will attempt to
       decode it and will display the obtained metadata.

       If the parameter is not a file it will  be  treated  as  an  expression
       which  will be executed. It is a convenient way to test simple one-line
       scripts. In that case, the default is to have log messages on  standard
       output and to disable the telnet server.


       -h     Print  the  description of a plugin: format, protocol, operator,

       -c, --check
              Only check the syntax of the script.  It  actually  does  a  bit
              more,  e.g.  creating the sources, which includes checking a few

       -q, --quiet
              Do not print log messages on standard output.

       -v, --verbose
              Print log messages on standard output.

              Print debugging log messages.

       -d, --daemon
              Run in daemon mode, i.e. detach and write a PID file.

       -t, --enable-telnet
              Enable the telnet server interface.

       -T, --disable-telnet
              Disable the telnet server interface.

       -u, --enable-unix-socket
              Enable the UNIX socket server interface.

       -U, --disable-unix-socket
              Disable the UNIX socket server interface.

       --     Read script on standard input.

              Human-readable  List  of  all  protocols,   operators   formats,
              metadata resolvers, outputs.

              XML   list   of   all  protocols,  operators  formats,  metadata
              resolvers, outputs.

              Do not load pervasives script libraries

       --help Show summary of options.

              Describe a configuration key.

              Display a described table of the configuration keys.

              Dump the configuration state


       Our website and the  HTML  documentation  coming
       with your distribution of liquidsoap.


       David Baelde for Savonet <>