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       lightningize - library to aid in making portable programs


       lightningize [OPTION]...


       Prepare a package to use lightning.

              work silently, and assume that Automake is in use

       -c, --copy
              copy files rather than symlinking them

              enable verbose shell tracing

       -n, --dry-run
              print commands rather than running them

       -f, --force
              replace existing files

       --help display this message and exit

              print version information and exit

       You  must  ‘cd’  to  the  top  directory of your package before you run


       The full documentation for lightningize  is  maintained  as  a  Texinfo
       manual.   If  the info and lightningize programs are properly installed
       at your site, the command

              info lightning

       should give you access to the complete manual.