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       lifeograph - private digital diary


       lifeograph  [--force-welcome] [--open, o  DIARY] [--purge-conf] [--set-
       bg  IMAGE]


       lifeograph is a digital diary with strong emphasis on privacy.

       It has a minimalistic and modern gui, designed usability in mind.


              Forces program to show  the  welcome  screen.  Normally  welcome
              screen is only shown on the first run of lifeograph.

       --open, -o  DIARY
              Sets  the diary file to be opened. User can still select another
              file before loggining in.

              Purges gconf keys related to lifeograph.

       --set-bg  IMAGE
              Sets the background image of the  login  screen  to  IMAGE.   If
              “none” (without the quotation marks) is passed instead of a file
              path, background picture  gets  disabled.   This  preference  is
              saved for subsequent runs after logging in and out.


       If you find a bug, please report it at


       Ahmet Öztürk (

                                  07 Dec 2008